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It's time to break up with the New Year’s Resolution!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

These little promises we make every year are planned with the intent to be positive changes to improve and enrich our lives. Over 50% of New Year’s Resolutions worldwide are relating to health, clearly there are lots of people trying to become a better version of themselves.

Sticking to a ’healthy’ diet and exercising regularly sound like positive changes, but these resolutions are usually born from a place of negativity; with reminders of the things you want to change about yourself that you are not completely satisfied with. In addition to that, more often than not, the diets folks try to implement are overly restrictive and the exercise regimes are demanding. They’re left hungry and exhausted.

It’s not surprising that 80% of resolutions fail before the end of February. Two months into the New Year and you are feeling like a failure because you couldn’t commit to a series of unrealistic activities to address the things you dislike most about your body and probably feeling worse than when you started.

Essentially, New Year’s resolutions are setting us up to fail. We invite you to ditch the resolutions this year and forever! You can still work on being a better version of yourself, with flexibility of when it suits you.

We encourage you to get curious about what ‘healthy’ means for you. Healthy bodies are strong and well nourished, they come in all different shapes and sizes. And don’t forget mental health, feeling confident in who you are, being able to feel and express emotions appropriately, engaging in positive relationships with others and being resilient.

So often ‘healthy’ is used in place of thin. Health is all encompassing, you are a whole being, not just a body.

If you are looking to improve your health we recommend engaging activities that promote health for your whole being, be with people that make you happy, spend time doing things you love, move in a way that gives you joy, and eat food that is nourishing for body and soul.

If you’re stuck. reach out and get the support you need, there is no shame is seeking when you need it.

This new year can give you the satisfaction you’re looking for and you can start this whenever you want!

Check out our recent blog post on Intuitive Eating for more information

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