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10 New Year Resolutions that have nothing to do with Food and Body

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.

However, we’ve all seen it before; you pledge to be ‘good’ and lose the weight with the coming of the New Year. That turns into on and off dieting, rapid weight gain and loss, and potentially, a full-blown eating disorder. It’s a common trap that many people fall into, however with the arrival of 2023, let’s embrace a healthy relationship with food and body by starting the new year off on the right foot.

Here are 10 New Year's Resolutions that have nothing to do with weight loss.

  1. Practise Mindfulness more often

Practising mindfulness regularly is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as improve concentration, memory and attentive skills. Simple activities such as meditation, colouring in as well as breathing exercises are all simple and easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your routine.

  1. Read more books

Personally, I’ve found that reading for academic purposes sucks the true joy out of books. Being forced to analyse a novel you’re not interested in to death is an easy and fast way to ensure that when school ends, you never pick up a book again.

But truth be told, reading is a wonderful way to experience the impossible; fiction allows you to travel to places and worlds unimaginable, whilst non-fiction allows you to discover wonderful new ideas and concepts never heard of.

Find what you enjoy reading about, and delve into the wonderful world of books - I promise you won’t regret it.

  1. Spend more time with loved ones

In the age of technology and working remotely, it can be difficult - especially after Covid - to find the time to see your loved ones.

Spending more time with loved ones will look different to everyone; for some people, that can mean visiting parents and siblings, while for others, it means making more time to catch up with friends - both are extremely valid and important! Humans are social creatures, and that interaction is so important for mental health and maintenance. If you can, try to make this a priority when going into the new year.

  1. Volunteer more regularly

Assisting out in the community is a great way not only to improve someone else’s life and give back to the community, but also can improve your self esteem and wellbeing. It can add meaning and purpose to your life, as well as introduce you to like minded individuals who you can form great relationships with. Everyone can benefit from a little volunteer work!

  1. Learn a new language

There are so many cognitive benefits to learning and speaking another language; research has shown that those who are bilingual have improved memory, problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as enhanced concentration among other things.

Not only that but it also opens more opportunities when it comes to travel; as a speaker of local languages, it can enhance your trip and make meeting locals and navigating the area remarkably easier.

  1. Learn to play an instrument

It is a well known fact that being able to play an instrument improves your intelligence; it stimulates the brain, improving functions such as memory as well as abstract reasoning skills. Studies have also shown in students that those who played musical instruments performed better academically than their non-playing counterparts!

If that wasn’t enough reason, playing an instrument can also relieve stress, loweringx blood pressure and decreasing levels of stress hormones in the body.

  1. Find a new hobby

Hobbies are a great way to get out of the house, meet like-minded people, and also have some fun! Hobbies can veer towards the expensive side, however they can also provide lots of satisfaction and joy. Hobbies can include anything from rock-climbing to sewing to journaling - the options are endless! It’s a wonderful way to bring some fun and adventure to the new year.

  1. Invest in a skincare routine

It may seem trivial and unimportant, however having a good skin care routine is essential to ensuring that your skin stays in good condition all throughout your life. Skin care isn’t just about preventing wrinkles and acne, but also about preventing skin cancer and sun damage. Remember, prevention is easier than correction - you will save a lot of time and money in the future if you start now.

Skin care can err on the more expensive side, however a good sunscreen, moisturiser and cleanser are great basics to get started.

  1. Spend less time on devices

Something I believe a lot of us struggle with is screen time; particularly since the pandemic. Data has seen Australian screen time rates spike, with Australians spending 27 more hours on devices each week than previous data has shown.

Whilst technology is incredible and offers lots of entertainment, there are so many benefits to spending time off devices - more time spent with loved ones, improved sleeping habits, better focus and brain function, as well a lower risk of developing anxiety and depression. It can be difficult to limit device use, however with screen time control and the parental use controls in the settings app, you can easily begin to cut down on your time spent online.

  1. Spend more time outside

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s how much we really value the ability to spend time outside. Even the little things, such as going on walks, picnics or visiting the beach were sorely missed during Lockdowns, so now that we have the opportunity to spend time outside, why wouldn’t we take it? With the arrival of the summer months, the weather will be lovelier than ever!

Data has shown that spending as little as 20 minutes outside can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and slow your heart rate. All the more reason to take that time out of your day to spend in nature!

In conclusion, if this blog post has demonstrated anything, it’s that there are so many options when it comes to New Year's resolutions that have nothing to do with weight. ‘New year, new me’ means so much more than just physical appearances.

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